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Hi !

I'm Raveena Baskaran.

I’m so glad you’re viewing my bio...

A freelance artist, surface pattern designer and illustrator.

Living in peninsular India surrounded by Ghats, I specialize in creating surface patterns for all kinds of projects. I’m also a certified jacquard designer, especially for silk sarees. My work is inspired by the beauty of where I come from.

Raveena Design House is home to all my creativity and passion. I have a knack for floral and ethnic-inspired designs. I believe that there is nothing more inspiring than nature. I take inspiration from nature and travel

I like making vector designs especially repeat patterns and illustrations. I provide art licensing and resources for creative businesses. I’m focused on bringing unique, high-quality contemporary, and traditional surface designs to the global market. I love to see my artwork in all kinds of products. My color inspirations are mainly from sceneries and photography.

How I got here?

When I was soul-searching for my dream job, I realized, I wanted my career to be not just interesting but something in which I would lose myself in passion.

However, like any other graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I ended up in a software-developing corporate company. To be frank, at the end of my college life, I didn't think much about my passion. In fact, I had no idea what to do next! I remember having a strong regret for not pursuing my passion. I knew working there was not my destiny. My soul was searching for a career that gives me pleasure, not Monday morning blues! I overcame my depression and stress by painting. Each day I’ll make at least one artwork. I used to do freestyle designs during my free time in the office. I found peace in front of my artboard. And all of sudden I realized that my passion was designing.

Yet my dream got postponed just a little further as I had to leave my day job and enter a life of matrimony. New place, no job, and lots of alone time, so I took out my crochet hook and started to make crochet projects. I started a new Instagram page, a website, and a YouTube channel for crocheting. And these platforms have taught me another big lesson, how to promote oneself on social media. I learned how to create websites, film, and edit videos. (If you are willing to check out my crochet works visit

But I knew that is not my desired career. I asked my soul a question, what am I truly yearning to do in my life? And magically my soul answered that my passion is designing. It insisted that life is all about patterns. Life is full of patterns!

Soon, I realized that following my passion as a career is the only way to make me truly happy.

Then I searched hard for how to become a designer. After researching for a few months, I joined the jacquard designing class. I learned how to make traditional designs for Indian attires (Sarees) and other home decor. I got to know about how hand looms and power loom work and what kind of designs can be reproduced in looms. It got me really engaged and my curiosity grew. I was striving hard to learn more about design. And here I got the spark of Surface Pattern Designing. Then again, I searched for how to pursue it. This time I didn’t attend any design classes. I knew that I can do this on my own. I researched surface patterns and textile prints. Then I self-taught myself in this field. It took everything I loved, my desire, and my passion then wrapped them up into an amazing career option. I decided I am going to be a surface pattern designer. And driven by the excitement, here I am launching my own brand of pattern designing, RAVEENA DESIGN HOUSE (formerly known as Raveena Studio)

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