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Introduction about Raveena
Raveena Baskaran

Hello, my new peers! I'm Raveena Baskaran. 😃

Artist | Illustrator | Surface Pattern Designer

Interesting facts about me:

🔸 Love to make pretty artwork and DIY projects ✍

🔸 Crochet lover 🧶

🔸New Mama 👩‍👧

🔸Love to travel 👜✈

🔸Manifesting my life goals ✡

🔸 Love for summer season 🌄




How I manage my new mom life and artwork?

My ideal day begins with my baby🧒, preparing breakfast for us, and starting the day with hot chocolate milk☕. I'm overjoyed that I decided to pursue my desired job. I'll create my artwork when my baby sleeps💤. My baby naps roughly every two to three hours. I have stopped binge-watching social media scrolls on Instagram 🚫 or other platforms and have instead begun working on my illustration or pattern collections. I'll play with my baby and go for walks with her when she wakes up🙎‍♀️. She's such a cute little joy. We share a meal at lunchtime. Make my baby take a bath🚿, put her to sleep, and then go back to work. I'll create crochet crafts🧵, read books📖, or take care of plants 🌿 if I need to do something other than art.

I couldn't be more content and delighted with my life🤩. My husband and I have time alone in the evening after putting my baby on a lengthy nap. We will discuss our day's highs and lows and wind up our day. 💞

After that our sleep mode ON

😄Haha! You are a wonderful person for reading about my daily life. I'm grateful.


If you like, tell me a bit about yourself.

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